Web applications and App / Web engineering

We develop web applications and apps that integrate into the company and help you simplify some processes, make them automatic and accessible from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.
The software present in companies is gradually replaced by applications on the cloud, Google has been a precursor on various fronts and no one now can deny the inevitable advantage of having everything at your fingertips and everywhere. Lets say that nobody can do without it anymore. Innove tries to highlight and help the adoption of these technologies by migrating obsolete systems on web applications and developing new ones.

In our experience we see that the adoption of web-based solutions tend to grow within the company due to the intrinsic practicality of the web, often we begin to implement a specific need and then gradually add other features.
We are not only content to solve the need but we are very careful in building beautiful and practical tools, tools that become indispensable for those who use them.
We like to meet new production companies, discuss and understand together where technology could bring benefits and improvements.

We talk about web engineering because we listen to your needs and study the best way to solve them and interface with your technological infrastructure. We like to create solutions that integrate with some business process or that go just to manage it.
We also develop APP for iOS and Android, we know how to recommend the best route or the most appropriate and correct solutions for your needs.

Our integrated web solutions:

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