Play Framework, Django and React Native

Over the years we have used many languages and frameworks , developed in multiple languages such as .NET and PHP, used Spring and various ORMs including Entity Framework and Hibernate.
Today we use Play Framework and Django which guarantee high scalability and continuous technological updating.
We have made this choice to develop reliable, flexible solutions for future implementations and high performance. At the base of the Play Framework we find Java and Scala, two well-established but constantly evolving languages, which boast an ecosystem of libraries able to cover every need and used by the biggest companies in the sector.

At the heart of Django we find Python, a "higher level" programming language than most other languages, suitable, among other uses, for developing distributed applications, scripting, numerical computation and system testing.

Java and Python are the programming languages that are at the top of many rankings, a good summary is found here.
It is not our goal to define the winner of the best programming language, each brings with it advantages and disadvantages and is more appropriate for some purposes than others. Our aim is that of making accurate choices based on needs and developing solutions that are reliable and stable over time.

For mobile development we rely on React Native , a framework made by Facebook extremely "reactive" and fast that is based on React and JavaScript to develop applications for iOS and Android in a single environment.
React Native is a framework that allows you to write code in one language and effortlessly have an app in iOS and one in Android, greatly reducing development time and errors. The maintenance itself is therefore simpler and faster as the changes are made in a single point

Our technology infrastructure resides at the webfarm of Seeweb , our reliable and competent supplier for many years. We have several dedicated cloud servers that guarantee high performance and wide scalability.

The servers have guaranteed parameters (Memory, CPU, Network), are implemented on redundant multicore N+1 multiprocessor machines, high availability SAN storage and guaranteed bandwidth of 1Gbps.
We carry out weekly and complete data backups and we are guaranteed an uptime of 99.90, you can trust us.

We are Google Suite resellers and there is no better and more practical environment to entrust your e-mails, appointments or documents.

We are technicians of a nature so if you have doubts or questions call us , we will gladly discuss it together.

Our integrated web solutions:

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