Who we are (we innove it)

We take care of web development and system integration, but we like to think of ourselves as innovators. "We cant do" is an answer that we usually do not use: we prefer to analyze the problems and find the right solutions for your needs.

We are committed to

We are not "just suppliers ", but we like to consider ourselves as partners.
We feel your project as if it were ours and we accompany your companies in the design and implementation of tailored technological solutions , designed to simplify business processes .

What we ambition

We are aware that every company is unique and every process is unique. This is why we believe that there are no solutions that fit perfectly if not those made to measure .

What we believe

We believe that the relationship with our customers must be based on transparency and reliability: you have to rely on us.
We also believe that technology is essential for improve, simplify and speed up your work, so we are committed every day to be available, flexible and fast: because we know how much dedication and how much effort you put to reach your goals and grow your business . We believe that the push to innovation of these years was born above all by sharing and in our small we give the contribution by maintaining open source projects:

Who inspires us

La nostra Società crede perciò nei valori spirituali, nei valori della scienza, crede nei valori dell’arte, crede nei valori della cultura, crede, infine, che gli ideali di giustizia non possano essere estraniati dalle contese ancora ineliminate tra capitale e lavoro. Crede soprattutto nell’uomo, nella sua fiamma divina, nella sua possibilità di elevazione e di riscatto.
Matteo Munaretto

Web engineer

At the forefront of customers, it is able to better translate your requests and make technology human. He still has to understand if he loves languages or programming more, to get rid of doubt as soon as he has time travels the world.
Marco Sinigaglia

R&D masterchef

If there is to try some new framework or news certainly does not hold back. Only good wine and the mountain can keep him off the screen.


We carefully choose who to share the projects with.

Fabio Perin

UX specialist

"I study, design, teach"

the olive tree:

Our brand has been designed starting from an olive tree we have in the garden of our office. The olive tree is an extraordinary plant. It is solid and long-lived and for thousands of years it is intertwined with the history of man who invests it with mythical and legendary attributes.
The main product of fruit processing is called "green gold" and is one of the leading products for which Italy is recognized worldwide (or one of the leading products of made in Italy in the world).
It binds us therefore to our land, to our origins, but leads our distant gaze.

the office:

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