We deploy valuable web applications.

We are very passionate about the web and we take care of your projects. Our solutions are designed and developed to be extremely flexible and easy to use.

Sur-mesure websites and e-commerce

We can help you improve your online presence with a responsive website or a flexible e-commerce. Contents are very easy to update with no need for a guidebook. User interfaces are straightforward as well.

We stick to the Google guidelines and its tools to boost indexing and monitor performances.

We can be of any help if you are drained by big agencies and deserve speed and reliability. We can not be useful if you need a website because everyone has or you strictly want platforms like Wordpress or Magento.

Whether you are an agency looking for a technical partner we can see and discuss projects together like a team.
“Can not be done” is not an answer, we would rather prefer to review your requirements and find the best way out.

why we prefer not to use Wordpress or Magento?

A website must fit client’s needs and not the other way around. A product like Magento sounds good for some company yet it is not for everybody.

Wordpress is a blogging platform and should be used for this reason. If you think of it to lower costs or due to poor technical skills the outcome could be shattering.
It is quite easy to install and the plugins let you customize almost everything but it has to keep updated constantly.
Besides, it is developed in PHP, an outdated yet very common programming language with low performances and many drawbacks in case of high traffic.

These platforms are massively used and therefore suitable for creating malicious code. There are several online tools able to damage sites and e-commerce.

Dulcis in fundo there is no guarantee that changing provider is easier using these platforms. Perhaps it’s better to find the right supplier.

We always seek the best technology per project and love to build our own tools to better do the job.

Looking for complex issues to solve but happy either with simple projects. Shopify is the solution we propose for noncomplex e-commerce whereas ensuring security and simplicity.

web application and APP

We develop ad hoc solutions to better respond to specific needs, when necessary interfacing with tools already in place. Some examples are:

  • tools for sales management
  • production management
  • documents administration
  • sur-mesure online payments
  • services for banks and insurances
  • APP development for iOS and Android

graphics and identity

Logo, corporate identity and contents describe your company. Your identity is important to us and that’s why we extremely take care of it and do not buy themes or graphics but design every single bit.

We often combine a newsletter platform and support our clients with social marketing and advertising on Google and Facebook. If you need more skills we have a network of talented professionals at your disposal.

Play Framework

We gave up with old frameworks and today we use Play Framework that guarantees high scalability and continuous technological updates. This let us build reliable, flexible and high performance solutions.

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