Web application for fashion industry

In the industrial fabric where we live the fashion industry is a lively and important environment that we have learned to know in its difficulties and timing. We often find ourselves supporting these realities and over the years we have created various solutions including e-commerce strongly integrated with companies, portals for order entry and automatic generation of documents, summaries or orders.

A web application in the fashion industry can be very useful, although in the fashion world - where image matters a lot - often the use of technology is still reduced. Creating web applications that allow agents and customers to clearly see products and fabrics, place orders, re-order or even follow some production steps or the bill of materials can make the difference. For the administration, for example, it is important to check budgets and have summary data at your fingertips.
Evolution is crucial for every company and in fashion it also goes through the web management of some processes and being "trendy" even on technology.

Our integrated web solutions:

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