Cloud for DEA System - MQTT and simplicity

Complete management via web and communication via MQTT for DEA System products. It allows installers to manage their systems easily and remotely.

Data first of all

The project was born naturally after the creation of the APP that allows via Bluetooth LE to communicate and set the DEA System products and to save and share plant information. A complete management was therefore created via a web interface that allows the most complete and advanced modification of the systems.

Remote management

The second step was to create the communication platform that through MQTT communicates with the new generation of DEA System products. Once these are connected, they become a real IOT devices that can be remotely interrogated to diagnose problems, manage remote controls and change configurations.

Remote management

Flexibility and customization

Our artisanal method of building applications let us evolve continuously by accurately following new needs. Only a bespoke product lets a company to innovate quickly.

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